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The Br. Edward Englund

Benedictine Leadership Institute (BLI)

Sponsored by Benedictine Educators Network (North America) (BENETNA)

Benedictine High School Leadership Formation Program

Learn – Engage – Deepen – Strengthen

Dear Administrators,


Happy Spring to all of you.


The long-awaited 3rd year of the BLI will be held this summer at Saint Anselm College and we invite you to send one or two of your faculty as participants.


  • Thirteen of our schools have sent 33 educators to either the first or second year or both.

  • The modules can be completed in any order. This summer is the final module of the 3 summer cycle.

  • Each school is allowed 2 participants for each of the modules. 

  • The workshop cost will be $550.

  • Registration is open. Click Here

  • If you do plan on sending members of your faculty please email me before you register.

  • Below is a summary of each of the 3 years of the formation program.

  • Any questions contact me on email or by phone - cell - 314-434-3690 Ext. 141

June 20-24 2022 Saint Anselm College

Module Three: Benedictine Leadership in Education (wisdom tradition)

●  Articulate Benedictine hallmarks and their implications to the life of the institution.

·  Develop a sense of accountability and responsibility for the Benedictine educational community.

·  Provide successes and challenges in engaging, integrating and assessing the Benedictine Catholic mission and identity.

·  Experience a daily monastic horarium.


2019 Saint Johns University

Module Two: Spiritual Leadership and Vocation in Benedictine education (charism)

●  Address personal vocational commitment to Benedictine education.

·  Articulate the richness of formation within Benedictine Spirituality and charism.

·  Highlight ways to interweave faith into daily practice/work.

·  Experience a daily monastic horarium.


2018 Benedictine University

Module One: Understanding the History, Heritage and Charism of the Benedictines (heritage)

●  Discuss the history of Benedictine education in the United States.

·  Understand the importance of developing interest and enthusiasm within the faculty and staff for formation around Benedictine charism and spirituality, Benedictine values, and educational mission.

·  Experience a daily monastic horarium.

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